Are there reliable and valid clinical methods for measuring leg lenght discrepancy?

METHODS: The methods under study were 3 standing methods (the Calliet method, the Laser method and the Pelvic-leveling device method) and 1 supine method (the DeltaLeg method).

Assessment of body plantar pressure in elite athletes: an observational study

Abstract An intense program of physical activity, typical of elite athletes, results in a series of modifications of the posture that in a short period of time can have a negative impact on both their health and performance.

Scientific report on PoDATA System

The major aims of this study are: 1) to test the reliability of the measures obtained by the PoDATA and 2) to standardize the method of analysis.

Functional Assessments for Postural Pathologies

Chapter 3. DIAGNOSTIC PATHWAY: Medical history, Physical examination, Pain analysis, Studying signs and symptoms, Postural consultation, Kinesiology testing, Instrumental diagnosis, Diagnostic therapy - Chapter 4 - THERAPEUTIC PATHWAY: Bite plane therapy, Selective grinding treatment.


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