Live training

One to one workshop

Duration: maximum 3 hours

The 1-on-1 workshop format is meant to discuss one specific therapeutic topic in greater detail; e.g. scoliosis, shoulder injuries, post-op knee rehabilitation,… A typical workshop will include definition of disease or injury, incidence and epidemiology, aetiology and mechanisms, typical treatment methods, application of Chinesport products with demonstration, Q&A time and frequent intervals.

Workshop topics can vary greatly and we can adapt content as best as we can to customers’ needs. This does however require some communication between the professional and the customer in order to prepare adequately and at 2-3 weeks of preparation time is needed. These events should be hosted by the local partner in cooperation with Chinesport.

During 1-on-1 workshops, the professional will make use of presentation slides shared on the desktop, and switch to camera views for demonstrations of techniques and products.

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