Live training

Product demonstration

Duration: 30-40 minutes

During this type of session, the professional will demonstrate different applications of the device using a (model) patient in his practice. This will help (potential) customers understand how the technology is used in daily therapeutic practice and will highlight device benefits. There will be time for a short Q&A session at the end of the demonstration.

Participants should have an understanding of the applied technology before this event, e.g. they should already have gone through the product introduction and presentation. It is possible to combine both formats into one online session if necessary. However we do not recommend this, because it will not give the participant time to absorb all materials.

We recommend that participants provide 3-4 specific applications they would like to see beforehand. This will help the professional to prepare suitable (model) patients and provide a framework for the demonstration.

We recommend maximum 10 participants in which case we ask Chinesport partners to host the online event, provide an introduction, moderate the event and provide a conclusion at the end of the demonstration.

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