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Frequently Asked Questions

Experts answer

Do you provide the Helpdesk service?

Yes, you can check the GlobalPosturalSystem Helpdesk at this link:

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How to send the information to technical support via the GPS software

For problems with the GPS software, it is very important to send the information to technical support directly from the GPS software. To do this simply go to the menu:

Tools > Send information to technical support

This will send the log files that contain useful information that allows technical support to solve problems faster.

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What to do if during the measurement of PoData the center of gravity is completely outside the usual area.

Check if the real cells have been set correctly.

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Problems with Philips webcam 2050 at 1600x1200 resolution

On some PCs the webcam Philips 2050, at 1600x1200 resolution, can not be used in GPS.

The problem occurs most frequently on the Windows XP operating system.

On some PCs, it may happen that the failure is sporadic.

For other resolutions instead webcam works properly.

In any case, for any problem, you should not use the 1600x1200 resolution, but you must use a lower resolution.

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Dongle GPS not found

In some cases you may receive the following message:



Usually the message is visualized when you start the GPS software and the dongle (also known as USB hardware key) is not inserted into the PC.

Sometimes the message is displayed even when the dongle is inserted and is returning to use Windows from a suspension (also called stand-by).

In this case, to resolve the situation, you may be doing this:

Close and restart the GPS software.
If the above was not successful, disconnect and reconnect the dongle.
If the above was not successful, restart the PC

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A webcam is not working or resolutions do not work

If a webcam is not working or some resolutions can not be used, the GPS, from version, have a feature that perform a thorough diagnosis of all webcams connected.

At the end of the diagnostic is proposed to send data to technical support because they can study and solve the problem.

The diagnostic can be utilized from GPS menu: Tools.

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