Two day seminar on postural analysis in Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital

In June 2014 Chinesport and Chinese partner coorganized a 2-day seminar on postural analysis together with the Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital, who are the first to use the GPS400 posture lab in China. The course was attended by over 40 participants from all over China.

The seminar provided an introduction to participants in posture assessment and analysis during which they gained insights into the importance of good posture and how postural deficiencies lead to increased injury risk and decreased musculoskeletal performance. Practical, hands-on sessions showed how posture is assessed using the GPS400 posture lab and introduced how results can be interpreted to develop an efficient and effective treatment plan.

Using the GPS400 posture lab it is possible to precisely and systematically diagnose interregional defiencies in the neuromusculoskeletal system that may affect existing disorders and injuries, or increase risk of injury and posture-related disorders. Participants experienced first-hand how the GPS400 offers a simple, easy and quick way to improve the efficiency and efficacy of treatment plans, leading to faster and more long-term results.

This seminar was part of the Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement training courses package that is now on offer through Chinesport. It is the ideal way to get off to a flying start with the Chinesport Global Posture System equipment range. The training package consists of different level courses that are based on the latest evidence in posture analysis and treatment of posture related disorders and injuries. Each level course is developed and continuously updated by experts with numerous years of experience in using the Chinesport Global Posture System equipment.

Advanced course modules introduce treatment concepts for various postural disorders and injuries based on many years of practical experience and know how.

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