Case study showed how Global Posture can affect knee injury recovery

Chinesport's expert in posture analysis and treatments, Stef Harley, was invited to lecture on posture at the Guangzhou Exercise and Health International Conference hosted by Guangzhou Sports University. In a case study of a prominent, injured top European league basketball player, Stef demonstrated that the Global Posture System can be effectively and efficiently used to gather more information about mechanisms may underlie chronic or complex sports-related overuse injuries.

The presented case graphically demonstrated how posture deviations, and ensuing faulty movement patterns, originating from facet joint syndrome in the lower spine negatively affected pelvic position and therefore could have contributed to failure to recover from a relatively simple contution injury to the vastus lateralis. While the player had undergone many treatments to the knee and the in situ injury, relief of pain was not achieved and he had not been able to return to the field throughout the basketball season. The GPS400 posture analysis that was performed provided novel insights for the treating team of experts, and while an extensive post rehabilitation training program was developed to strengthen the knee and treat tendinopathy, global posture was also taken into account. By including global posture into the therapeutic equation, the ideal conditions where provided for the knee injury to recover by ensuring that poor posture and therefore poor movement patterns did not negatively influence the injury site.

This case and many more are also presented in Chinesport's Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement training courses package, which is now available worldwide. The range of courses, at different levels, cover the principles of posture assessment which form the building blocks for global posture treatments. In the advanced courses treatment and training methods are introduced by body region in order to effectively and efficiently treat posture deviations.


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