Chinesport Global Posture System experts tour China to conduct workshops

In cooperation with their Chinese partner, Chinesport coorganized an extensive tour through major cities in China to promote their new Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement training courses package. After Beijing, the team visited Wuhan to contact a 2-day seminar and workshop on posture analysis at the Tongji Hospital.

The workshop covered all aspects of posture, its assessment as well as potential mechanisms for postural deficiencies. This gave participants all the necesarry insights, knowledge and tools, to improve patients' posture and decrease the negative impact of deficiencies on various disorders and minimize risk of injury and reinjury.

An additional module for the Tongji Hospital experts was provided on how to perform measurements and interpretation of postural deficiencies using the GPS400 postural lab equipment. The GPS400 is currently in use by experts at Tongji Hospital where it will be engaged in pioneering research into posture in different types of patient populations.

Chinesport recently started the Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement training courses package, which is now available worldwide. Anyone with a keen interest in learning more about how this hollistic approach in diagnostics can improve overall treatment outcome in musculoskeletal disfunction should not miss this unique opportunity to meet and discuss with other experts. The course package is designed to help you get underway with Chinesport's Global Posture System equipment range quickly and easily. The package consists of level courses based on latest clinical evidence and the many years of experience of our experts in developing and using GPS equipment.


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