The Online Education Program

At Chinesport we have always been aware that providing clinical support is crucial in both the sales and after-sales periods. Over the past years we have developed numerous workshop and demonstration formats for various product ranges. We did this together with our clinical experts under the umbrella of the GPS Academy.

These clinical support and education have become very successful and have contributed to better brand awareness and increased satisfaction among Chinesport end-users.

Recent global events have however made travel more difficult and a need for more structured and organised online support has become evident. Chinesport has therefore started work on an online education and clinical support platform.

In a first phase we want to ensure that clinical support and education remains easily and quickly to potential end users. To do this we offer several formats through our clinical expert, Stef Harley.

These online sessions can be ordered through Chinesport’s Export Department and we will coordinate everything at our end and ensure contact between the potential or current end users and Stef Harley. All online presentations can be made directly from Stef Harley’s own private physiotherapy practice Synovia Physiotherapy ( with a model patient so that your customer receives an authentic, real-life impression of the use of our Chinesport products.

To ensure optimal service we ask that the recommendations and requirements explained per format below are followed as best as possible.

We can provide these workshops through different commonly-used platforms such as Skype or Zoom. If any other platform is to be used, we strongly recommend discussing well in advance of organising the event. It is possible for some formats to have more participants but in this case we advise our partners to manage the participants locally and host the event, with a short introduction and closure of the event.

All events apply to GPS Postural Labs, TCare cellular regeneration technology, Archimede pulley and suspension therapy, Shockwave/ESWT and, the Sinthesi Mi.TO therapeutic table. If appropriate, we will always promote our exclusive and innovative GPS Pathways for Rehabilitation concept in which we combine several of the top-of-the-line products into single therapeutic interventions.


Duration: 10-15 minutes

This format is similar to a typical product presentation at a trade show. The expert explains how he uses the product in his practice, with examples of typical patients. He gives a background of the technology in a clinical setting, highlights key product benefits and introduces indications and contra-indications. To introduce some key concepts the expert may use some presentation slides.

Typical participants would be potential customers who have not yet been in touch with Chinesport products or the clinical technology that is applied. We recommend not having more than 15-20 participants.

Code: 3571

Duration: 30-40 minutes

During this type of session, the professional will demonstrate different applications of the device using a (model) patient in his practice. This will help (potential) customers understand how the technology is used in daily therapeutic practice and will highlight device benefits. There will be time for a short Q&A session at the end of the demonstration.

Participants should have an understanding of the applied technology before this event, e.g. they should already have gone through the product introduction and presentation. It is possible to combine both formats into one online session if necessary. However we do not recommend this, because it will not give the participant time to absorb all materials.

We recommend that participants provide 3-4 specific applications they would like to see beforehand. This will help the professional to prepare suitable (model) patients and provide a framework for the demonstration.

We recommend maximum 10 participants in which case we ask Chinesport partners to host the online event, provide an introduction, moderate the event and provide a conclusion at the end of the demonstration.

Code: 3573

Duration: 15-20 minutes

End-users may sometimes be confronted with specific questions they have about the technology (e.g. how can it be combined with other technologies), a particular application or type of patient, or an unexpected evolution in treatment results.

The professional is available to answer any such question based on is numerous years of experience working with our products in his own practice. Were needed he will also support his answers and advice with published research articles to ensure a medical evidence-based approach.

Because such discussions can take unforeseen directions and potentially sensitive information may be passed, we advise to keep these sessions closed.

We also ask to send the specific questions in advance of the meeting so the professional can prepare adequately and formulate a useful answer and provide adequate advice.

Code: 3572

Duration: maximum 3 hours

The 1-on-1 workshop format is meant to discuss one specific therapeutic topic in greater detail; e.g. scoliosis, shoulder injuries, post-op knee rehabilitation,… A typical workshop will include definition of disease or injury, incidence and epidemiology, aetiology and mechanisms, typical treatment methods, application of Chinesport products with demonstration, Q&A time and frequent intervals.

Workshop topics can vary greatly and we can adapt content as best as we can to customers’ needs. This does however require some communication between the professional and the customer in order to prepare adequately and at 2-3 weeks of preparation time is needed. These events should be hosted by the local partner in cooperation with Chinesport.

During 1-on-1 workshops, the professional will make use of presentation slides shared on the desktop, and switch to camera views for demonstrations of techniques and products.

Code: 3574

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