Sinthesi couches have become integral part of the Global Posture treatment approach

Together with local Chinese partner Chinesport coorganized an introduction workshop in myofascial release techniques in Guangzhou. The event was attended by a wide variety of experts in the medical and paramedical fields, all interested in learning how myofascial therapy can be applied using Chinesport's unique Sinthesi treatment couches.

Participants learned how myofascial structures adapt in the presence of poor posture in order to maintain economy of movement and pain free range of motion in joints. Global posture analysis using the GPS equipment enables to practitioner to identify structures that require treatment in order to restore proper posture and function. With its 8 independently moveable sections and quiet and seamless movement control functions, the Sinthesi treatment couches have become an integral part of postural training and treatments for many therapists, which was demonstrated during the workshop.

Sinthesi couches allow the therapist to effortlessly put patients into countless myofascial stretch postures that can be easily maintained for longer periods of time and without effort. In this relaxed position various techniques can be applied to provide restoring myofascial stretch, increase joint range of motion and obtain an antalgic posture for acute pain relief. Even more so, the Sinthesi couches are an ideal starting position to initiate CORE activation exercises from and start isometric muscle work.

The myofascial release techniques workshop is now available worldwide from Chinesport is is the ideal starting point for practictioners seeking to enhance their myofascial work. Participants will learn how to use the unique Sinthesi therapy couch in a global approach to myofascial therapy in order to restore natural myofascial length and improve posture and function.


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