Static analysis

For the posture static analysis of the whole subject under evaluation

Our laboratories have one or more pictures acquisition devices for the static analysis of the subject’s posture under evaluation. They are high quality professional devices that allow the acquisition of high resolution pictures of the person. The scanned images can be enlarged on the screen with a specific GPS 6 software function in order to observe and analyze certain details or body districts.

In particular one or two external devices can be used for the acquisition of an entire person picture and/or the back-foot. In case of interest also of the podalic support analysis, a third device is prepared inside the specific platform part of the laboratory in use.

The enlargement function of the acquired images will also allow to perform measurements directly on the images themselves, which can be saved on images after being suitably identified or classified with a specific label.

During the start-up phase of the laboratory, an important operation is therefore setting of the resolution for the pictures acquisition with different devices provided.

The device for acquiring subject pictures must be used in combination with the essential part of the laboratory called “postural analyzer”. The patient will have then to position on the postural analyzer.

The postural analyzer is also equipped with an upper mirror, inclined to observe also the possible shoulders rotation.

For further information on the postural analyzer, please consult related presentation pages below.

One of the advantages of this system of static analysis is that it is not invasive, and can therefore be repeated after the first visit, at different times during the therapeutic and postural re-educational path.


First stage


The person can be invited to position on the postural analyzer for pictures acquisition. The distance of the person from the specific acquisition device is predetermined, and it is an essential requirement.

The person will have to follow some rules for his correct positioning, in order to allow a subsequent comparison of the acquired pictures in different moments. It is possible to apply on the postural analyzer base, a sticker that guides the person to position in autonomous way for the acquisition of the four fundamental images. This is an accessory coded AC1046.

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