The Michelangelo Postural Lab consists of a global posture assessment frame and platform, a podal assessment platform and desktop structure with three photographic units for image acquisition. It is ideally suited for assessment and analysis of the patient’s global posture in the frontal, sagittal and transverse planes, including detailed analysis of mono and bipedal, static support and rear foot and ankle posture.

As in all GPS Postural Labs with global posture assessment function, measurements can be made directly on the acquired images and connected to identification labels that show whether the results lie within pre-set normative ranges or not. Results can be stored, called up later, easily compared and even exported for data processing in research.

The Michelangelo allows you to determine and monitor incorrect global posture patterns and correlate these data with information obtained from mono and bipedal, and static rear foot and ankle posture. This is ideal for an interdisciplinary collaboration and therapists who want to take their therapeutic interventions a small step further by adding foot posture into the clinical reasoning equation.

Reporting results with the Michelangelo is as easy and extensive as with all other GPS Postural Labs. Measurements and results can be reported in relation to preset tolerance levels so that it is quickly clear and understandable for the recipient of the patient’s report where postural anomalies occur and what corrective action could be taken.

GPS Postural Lab global posture examinations are completely non-invasive and can therefore be repeated whenever necessary.


Supplied with: Podoscope 3.0, main frame; safety handrail, Postural analyzer 3.0, desk with two shelves, PC support bracket, 3 cameras.

Software modules: static posture analysis.



PC System requirements

Our postural labs work with the GPS 6 software. We strongly advise our Postural data storage - accessory code 01799. As alternative we provide you with below minimum or recommended PC system requirements.

Processor Intel i5 CPU or AMD equivalent Intel i5 CPU or higher or AMD equivalent
RAM 8 GB 1 16 GB
GPS software reserved free space 50 GB 2 100 GB 2
Hard disk SSD or NVME SSD or NVME
Dispaly resolution 1366 x 768 (HD) 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
USB port At least 3 reserved At least 3 reserved
Operating system Windows 10 OS Windows 10 OS
Mounting option VESA 50/75/100 3
(for display or All-in-One system)
VESA 50/75/100 3
(for display or All-in-One system)

1 16GB RAM are preferable if other applications are installed on the PC.
2 The free space on PC should be more than the suggested part for GPS SW.
3 Bracket and plate provided as standard in the supply.

Notice: We recommend that you do not install other software on your computer to avoid possible conflicts.

This diagnostic unit can be integrated with the products:
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