The Leonardo Postural Lab represents the top-of-the-range in our GPS Postural Labs and the highest state-of-the-art in global posture assessment and analysis. It incorporates our unique stabilometric testing platform and global posture assessment frame and platform, and desktop structure with three photographic units for image acquisition in one single unit.

Leonardo enables to provide the most complete global posture assessment and analysis by combining assessment and analysis of the patient’s global posture in the frontal, sagittal and transverse planes, including detailed forefoot and ankle alignment with detailed analysis of postural control and balance. Moreover, its stabilometric testing platform can be set to enable postural control and stability training with biofeedback.

As with all GPS Postural Labs measurements can be easily stored and managed, enabling comparison of results, sharing within multi-disciplinary teams, and exporting for further data analysis.

Patient reports are easy and quick to configure and develop so that all data relating to the patient’s global posture is presented in an overviewable and yet comprehensive way., so that no important information is lost within the clinical reasoning process. Measurements and their results can be interpreted in function of pre set tolerance ranges, so that it becomes easy to see and understand where global posture deviations occur. This helps determining possible cause and effect relationships, and estimating injury or disorder risk in a effective and efficient way.

The Leonardo Postural Lab is ideally suited for those clinicians and therapists that want to fully understand all aspects of a patient’s global posture and how these various systems interact. This is paramount in understanding how faulty creates a potential injury or disorder mechanism and determining which therapeutic interventions can benefit the patient.

No global posture expert, postural reeducation professional or multi-disciplinary practice that recognises the importance of Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement, can do without the in-depth and wide-ranging information the Leonardo Postural Lab can provide about a patient’s global posture.


Supplied with: Podata 3.0, main frame; safety handrail, Postural analyzer 3.0, desk with two shelves, PC support bracket, 3 cameras.

Software modules: static posture analysis, stabilometric and dynamic analysis.



PC System requirements

Our postural labs work with the GPS 6 software. We strongly advise our Postural data storage - accessory code 01799. As alternative we provide you with below minimum or recommended PC system requirements.

Processor Intel i5 CPU or AMD equivalent Intel i5 CPU or higher or AMD equivalent
RAM 8 GB 1 16 GB
GPS software reserved free space 50 GB 2 100 GB 2
Hard disk SSD or NVME SSD or NVME
Dispaly resolution 1366 x 768 (HD) 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
USB port At least 3 reserved At least 3 reserved
Operating system Windows 10 OS Windows 10 OS
Mounting option VESA 50/75/100 3
(for display or All-in-One system)
VESA 50/75/100 3
(for display or All-in-One system)

1 16GB RAM are preferable if other applications are installed on the PC.
2 The free space on PC should be more than the suggested part for GPS SW.
3 Bracket and plate provided as standard in the supply.

Notice: We recommend that you do not install other software on your computer to avoid possible conflicts.

This diagnostic unit can be integrated with the products:
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