Proposal of posture analysis laboratory for photographic acquisition of the soles of the feet, hindfoot, different body segments and stabilometric data.


Basic setting of the analyzing system requires the use of the following devices:

  1. 03001 PODATA™
  2. 03005 Body Foot 2.0
  3. 03002 Total posture

PODATA™ is a stabilometric footboard, bipodalic with incorporated podoscope that can be directly connected to a computer. The device is used to detect the distribution of the body weight in the points corresponding to the 1st metatarsal, the 5th metatarsal and heel of each foot. It is also used for measuring the mid position of the body’s centre of gravity and its movements around that position.

The Body Foot 2.0 allows a photographic analysis of the hindfoot and the different body segments. It is recommended to be used with the PODATA device that includes the podoscope function as well. It consists of a base with supports holding two webcams. GPS software is provided with the device.

Total Posture is a useful device for the analysis of the posture of the patient regarding the front/posterior planes. It has a mirror on the upper part that can be adjusted to observe if there are any rotations of the patient’s shoulders. It is possible to install guiding lines for the posture (AC0870).


The following elements are also included as part of the postural lab as we present it here. It is possible, anyway, to order any of the single items separately at any time.

  1. AC0868 Step
  2. 02999 Desk Top 2.0
  3. 01799 Postural Data Storage
  4. 02105 Postural Data Display
  5. 02104 Postural Data Evidence
  6. 02998 Body Safe

For further information, please check the characteristics of each item and the details about the software.

This diagnostic unit can be integrated with the products:
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