The markers are spheres with a diameter of 12.5 mm. They are manufactured with high precision roundness, and other feature is extreme solidity. The markers are supplied with relative plastic base where they must be screwed. Once they have become a single body, you can proceed with application of the specific biadhesive for medical use, that is supplied as standard.

The tape is 25mm wide, 5 meters long and 0.16mm thick. It is supported by acrylic adhesive, resistant to fluids and with good washability. This biadhesive tape consists of a 3mm clear polyethylene film coated on both sides with acrylic adhesive. The tape can be applied to the body or skin.

The application of the biadhesive tape to the plastic base of each marker is the second preliminary manual operation to carry out. It is therefore advisable to prepare the set of markers already before the postural visit. By this way the application of these markers on the patient, and the acquisition of the related images through the specific postural analysis laboratory, may last few minutes only.

The set consists of 100 reflective markers with related plastic base, and with a 5 m roll of biadhesive tape.

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