The Blue Walkway 1 consists of 4 elements that seamlessly fit together and can be fitted to the main GPS Postural Labs structures of PL0700 or PL0800.

This module provides patients a clear path towards all the areas where they need to take position for testing. Steps are lower and the walkway surface is not slippery. This can be particularly helpful when testing patients with different types of impairments; e.g. balance issues, visual impairment and elderly.

The GPS Postural Labs position can be adapted to give access to the testing position from the left or right side. Also the desktop with PC is designed to be able to turn to the opposite side of the Blue Walkway. In this way the GPS Postural Labs are completely adaptable to the space and accessibility options in your practice.
The Blue Walkway 1 can be ordered separately from the GPS Postural Labs. Assembly and connection to the main structure is simple, quick and easy.

The highest standards for patient safety, measurement reliability and accuracy
The Blue Walkway guide the patient through the different position that need to be taken during global posture assessment, without having to set a foot on the floor.

Our GPS Postural Labs have been designed with the highest standard of patient safety in mind. By reducing step heights and introducing contrasting colour schemes, patients vulnerable to falling or with mobility problems are provided an as safe experience as possible. Having all the GPS laboratory postural elements strictly and firmly connected together, we guarantee greater precision, reliability and repeatability of the measurements. This is very important especially while making repeated measurements in follow-up visits.

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