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The Foot Analyzer 2.0 consists of a bilaminate platform with two webcams and GPS 5.0 software for acquisition and handling of images for foot pressure and heels. It can be combined with Lux Podoscope code 02990 or Lux Podoscope with colored light code 02997.


The computer is not included, but it can be ordered as an accessory with webcams configuration in advance and GPS 5.0 software pre-installed.


For more information about the software you can visit our dedicated website under "software" section.



"This device allows you to do a diagnostic evaluation of the first foot and then the comparison by one of the previous visits and the last. With this equipment we can measure the growth of the foot anatomy and biomechanics from birth to adolescence and diagnostic aspects of the foot that grows,  identifying  if the foot is prone, flat or cave. The importance of this tool is that we can photograph the plantar support or the heel, store the acquired data, make a diagnosis and a specialized prescription and send e.g. by e-mail to different professionals involved. Mostly important is that the examinations made at different times of the patient’s life can be compared and subsequently note whether there will be improvements the initial examination.


For safety of the patient under examination , during ascent / descent and permanence onto the podoscope, we can add the item Postural safe 03006. We ask the patient to move on the crystal surface of the podoscope keeping their feet in a natural position and make the first photograph of the foot plantar. With the second webcam we make the photograph of the hindfoot. We store the photograph, write the diagnosis and the prescription. All these documents can be printed and given to the patient.

The most important aspect of this device is that anytime it will be possible to compare the photographs and therefore evaluate eventual improvements. This important tool is useful to keep track of a disease and then figure out whether therapeutic interventions or orthosis applied brought positive results. All doctors or specialists should adopt an instrument so simple but very important and useful for the physician, physiatrist, orthopedist, physical therapist, pediatrician, podiatrist, posturologist and even the family doctor to keep constantly monitored the growth of the child or the evolution of a disease in an adult subject. "


Mr. Angelo Snidero (Orthopaedic Technologist)

This diagnostic unit can be integrated with the products:
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