Back pain

The pains at the spinal column are a quite frequent pathology because the back, working hard all along our life, develops pathologies which produce backache.

The backache (or the so called lumbago because all the weight of the body is discharged onto the lumbago region) generally consists of a lumbago pain of muscular origin. It can have different shapes and produce  different pains in different regions.

The causes of backache depend also on the age of the patient and on the activities he does. In older patients the pathologies due to osteoporosis together with the compression of the vertebras are the main cause of the symptoms of backache.

In younger patients instead, if there isn’t a traumatic origin, the causes are usually easily solved. In this case the are no consequences thanks to a complete recovery of the area affected.

It is important to know if the pain is “local” (that is in precise points where there is a damage) or if it is “widespread”: in this case it may come from a deeper tissue; for example if the pain reaches the leg (sciatic) or if it is connected to other pains, for example intestinal.

The pain can be also be “linked”, that is it can be caused by intestinal cramps or by liver colic or by the degeneration of an intervertebral disc

Probably it is a postural problem which can be solved if you do immediately a stabilometric exam which permits to evaluate visually the position of the patient compared to an ideal position.

The stabilometric exam is a diagnostic tool for the postural evaluations of the patient and permits to evaluate the effect of the therapeutic action of the osteopath.


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