Scoliosis is a deformity of the spinal column that bends laterally contrariwise its nature together with a  torsion of the vertebrae. The curve can be only  one ,C shaped , or two S shaped.

Statistically  about 3% of the people are affected, mainly women compared to men ( 7 out of 10).

It may have origin from a postural bad habit, caused by compensation positions (for example the different length of legs and arms) and in this case it doesn’t show symptons and side effects on the normal daily activities but it may become a limitable and painful problem.

 The present scientific  trend claims that the causes of scoliosis are based on a “multifactor” theory linked to genetic, muscular and mechanic factors as well as of growth and neurological.

However, in most cases the causes are unknown and may be referred to a delay in the maturation of the system and of the postural balance. We have to consider that if the posture is unbalanced also foot, eye and articulations will be the same.

Essential condition for an optimal therapy and an early diagnosis is a postural exam which can detect the potential unbalanced areas and, after an accurate analysis, highlight the points that have to be treated with appropriate recovery therapies.

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