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Software description

Software GPS is divided in more sections:

  • Patient's Data base management system
  • Patient's medical history
  • Picture management system
  • Photographic measurements
  • Stabilometric measurements

Patient Data base management system
Patient Data base management system allows to record a range of data regarding the patient with the possibility to digit key words for an ease search.

Patient's Medical History
A complete patient's medical history improves the relationship with the patient and eventually with other professionals. For example you can record general information, pharmacological habits, feed habits etc.

Pictures management
The pictures management system allows you to have a file about the patient's postural conditions on various positions recorded (frontal, posterior, lateral position as well as the plant foot)

Linear and angular measures
The possibility to take linear and angular measures on the recorded pictures as well as to position virtual vertical or parallel lines in order to evaluate any kind of asymmetry.

Stabilometric analysis
The possibility of stabilometric analysis using two different devices called Lux Stabilometric footboard and Podata footboard. The Lux Stabilometric footboard has three load cells while the Podata footboard is provided with six cells (bipodalic) which can be adjusted in order to record the load under the 1st and 5th metatarsal and heel of each foot.

Demonstration films of the GPS software

View the videos demonstration of the GPS software


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