3.2 The importance of foot

Stabilometric assessment



The foot is fundamental for dynamic and postural functions, and as suggested by the studies of French biomechanics expert Kapandji, we can consider the plantar surface a vault supported by three arches:

A. Towards the 1st metatarsal;
B. Towards the 5th metatarsal;
C. Towards the heel.


Measurement repeatability

Using the Podata™ diagnostic unit, the software allows measuring by virtually moving the load cells (the elements that “measure” the weight) so as to place them near the heel, the 1st and the 5th metatarsal. This operation has a great advantage: it will no longer be necessary to force a patient to assume certain positions — especially unusual positions — on the platform to ensure the stabilometric examination can be repeated. The patient can stand on the platform in a comfortable upright stance.

The professional will move the load cells virtually to the preset points, thus ensuring the repeatability of measurement.



Two expected levels of deviance from the set range of acceptability come to be highlighted


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